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Prelude 3.1-SE is a tube based fully balanced headphone amplifier and pre-amp. Standard 6.5mm jack of Single-Ended separated High/ Low impedance, XLR Combo Jack of balanced output and Independent Pre amp RCA output. You can easily select Low / High Ohms Headphone Outputs, Pre-out and Mute function on the panel fascia. The signal input and headphone output are galvanically isolated, therefore your hearing and headphone is safely protected by shutting off the inrush current that occurs at power on-off. Designed with Supermalloy Transformer so that it realized wide frequency characteristics and also play the transparent sound by class -A triode operation in non feedback design.

Fully Balanced Differential Amplifier


  • Hand wired Point-to-Point
  • NonFeedback ,Triode Pure Class-A
  • Supermalloy Transformer Coupled
  • Single ended, or balanced headphone output
  • True Balanced Topology
  • 6N1P-EV Front-End
  • 6N6P-i Output Driver
  • 4 Outputs Selector (1.Off, 2.Low-Z, 3,High-Z, 4.Pre-Amp)
  • 2 Input Selector ( 1.XLR, 2. RCA)
  • 6.3mm low/high impedance jacks
  • XLR Balanced Output (L/R) jacks
  • 1 x Balanced XLR Input
  • 1 x Unbalanced RCA Input
  • 1 x RCA Unbalanced Line Out
  • ALPS Blue Velvet Quad Potentiometer
  • WIMA MKP capacitors
  • 1% Metal Film Resistors
  • Super Cu CMC RCA Jack
  • Swiss Neutrik XLR Combo Connector

Point to Point Wiring


  • Rate output : 0.6W RMS / @300Ω
  • Headphone Jacks : (6.5mm + XLR Combo Jack)
  • Output Impedance : 16Ω - 600Ω
  • Headphone Impedance Low-Z (16Ω - 80Ω)
  • Headphone Impedance High-Z (100Ω - 300Ω - 600Ω)
  • Balanced Output select Low-Z or High-Z
  • THD at 300mW /1kHz: 0.1%
  • S/N Ratio: 98 dB
  • Frequency Response: 1Hz to 70kHz (0, -3dB)
  • Tubes: 6N1P-EV 2ea, Output 6N6P-i 2ea
  • Input Impedance : Unbalance : 50kΩ, Balance : 100kΩ
  • Pre-amp Gain: 12 dB ( x 4)
  • Pre-amp Output Impedance : 150Ω
  • Hum & Noise : Less than 0.1mV
  • No White Noise
  • Power Consumption : 40Watt ( 117V/230V AC / 50Hz 60Hz)
  • Unpacked Dimension (mm): W260×H185×D310
  • Shipping Weight: 15kg

  Recommanded Headphones

  • Range of matching Impedance (16Ω - 600Ω)
  • Low (16Ω - 80Ω), High (100Ω-600Ω)
  • Low-z : Audez'e LCD-X, LCD-XC (22Ω)
  • Fostex : TH900 (22Ω)
  • Denon: D5000, D7000 (25Ω)
  • Grado : RS-1 ,GS1000 (32Ω)
  • Ultrasone: Edition- 8, 9 (30Ω), -10 (32Ω)
  • audiotechnica: ATH-W1000(X) ,W5000, W3000ANV (40Ω)
  • AKG: k701, k702 (62Ω)
  • High-z Sennheiser: HD600, HD650, HD800 (300Ω)
  • Beyerdynamic: T1 (600Ω)
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The Prelude 3.1-SE offers manufacturer’s warranty of ONE YEAR from the date of purchase. The warranty is transferable to a second owner with no questions asked.


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