Svetlana 3

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Svetlana-3 is a Hi-End tube headphone amplifier.
The headphone output is achieved by the transformer method, so you can simply select either Low or High on the panel fascia. The headphone signal input and output are galvanically isolated in order to electrically shut off the headphone and protect them from inrush of current that occurs at power on and off.

Svetlana-3 Tube Headphone amplifier has adopted OPT, with the matching  headphone impedance separated from Low (25-62Ω) to High (300-600Ω).
Svetlana-3 is a well-designed pure tube amplifier complete with tube and transformer. High efficiency output transformers have been selected to provide optimised wide band frequency characteristics.
It is designed to play pure original sound with
class-A triode with zero


Single Ended Output
Triode, Pure Class-A, Zero Feedback design
Toroidal Power Transformer
Super Permalloy Output Transformer
Headphone Impedance Selector (Hi-z /Lo- z)
Mute Function
Earthing (Ground) Terminal
6.3mm Stereo Headphone Jack
One pair of RCA Input
One pair of (Pass Thru) RCA Output
Alps Blue Velvet Volume
WIMA MKP Polypropylene Capacitors
1% Metal Film Resistors
24k gold plate CMC RCA Connectors
Hand-built With Premium Craftsmanship
Military High Reliability tubes Long Life Span
2 Minutes Fast Warming-up Time
No Hum & Noise Free

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Headphone select low or high on the panel fascia

Signal Input & Pass Thuru  RCA Jacks

Rear Panel

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