Svetlana 3                    Korean

                                         Output Transformer Coupled

                       Hi-End Tube Headphone Amplifier



             Svetlana-3 is a Hi-End tube headphone amplifier without pre-amplifier.

             The headphone output is achieved by the transformer method,

             thus you can simply select either ※Low§ or ※High§ on the panel fascia.

             The signal input and headphone output are galvanically isolated,

             therefore your hearing and headphone is safely protected by shutting off

             the inrush current that occurs at power on-off.




             Svetlana-3 Tube Headphone amplifier has adopted OPT, with the matching

             headphone impedance separated from Low (25-62目) to High (300-600目).

             Svetlana-3 is a well-designed pure tube amplifier complete with tube and

             transformer. High efficiency output transformers have been selected to

             provide optimised wide band frequency characteristics.

             It is designed to play pure original sound with class-A triode with zero feedback.





            Single Ended Output

            Triode, Pure Class-A, Zero Feedback design

            Toroidal Power Transformer

            Super Permalloy (Supermalloy) Output Transformer

            Headphone Impedance Selector (Hi-z /mute/ Lo- z)

            Mute Function

            Earthing (Ground) Terminal

            卹"(6.3mm) Stereo Headphone Jack

            One pair of RCA Input

            One pair of RCA Output ( Without Pre-out, Pass Thru )

            Alps Blue Velvet Volume

            WIMA MKP Polypropylene Capacitors

            1% Metal Film Resistors

            24k gold plate CMC RCA Connectors

            Hand-built With Premium Craftsmanship

            Military High Reliability Long Life Span

            2 Minutes Fast Warming-up Time

            No Hum & Noise Free



                                  24k Gold Plate CMC RCA Connectors 




            Graph is the characteristics of Svetlana-3 headphone amp frequency response.

            1Hz to 70kHz (-3dB), there's no amplitude difference.

            more info..

           Advantages of coupled Transformer


           1. Feel the sensation of pure energy and accurate image sound.

           2. Output is secured with low impedance, noise-free, silent background.

           3. Retains low frequency band even at low volume.

           4. The availability of wide frequency characteristics with high efficiency



             Vacuum Tube Sound Advantages


            One reason why the tube amps have higher quality sound when compared

            to semiconductor amps is the difference between the sounds that

            pass through hard solid objects and the sounds that pass freely through space.

            The tube*s advantages are summarised in the following technical content.


              more info..



             Headphone Impedance Matching


             Impedance selection range Lo-z (25-62目) Hi-z (300-600目)

             Low Impedance: Denon :D5000, D7000 (25目), Fostex : TH900

             Grado : RS-1 ,GS1000 (32目),

             Ultrasone : Edition 8, 9 (30目),  Edition 10 (32目)

             Audio technica: w5000, w3000anv (40目), AKG : k701, k702 (62目)

             High Impedance : Sennheiser HD600, HD650, HD800 (300目)

             Beyerdynamic T1 (600目)

             more info..





             Vacuum Tube, Warm up, Life & Noise

           1. 10,000 hours secured by using military approved high reliability tubes

               (operating for 4 hours per day, 10 years guaranteed)

           2. Free from chronic white noise of semiconductor amplifier.

           3. Quick run time 15 seconds at switch on 2 minutes to warm up time.

           4. Prevents tube hum noise via the block magnetic induction with applied

               toroidal power transformer.

           5. Experience free-noise tube headphone amp to counter digital source,

               guaranteed best noise cancelling.



             Output Transformer Coupled

             Single Ended Output

             Triode Pure Class -A, None Feedback Design

             Headphones Load impedance : 16-600目

             Headphone Impedance Selector

             - High-z (300-600目)

             - Low-z (25-62目)

             Input impedance: 50k目

             Headphone Amp Bandwidth: 1 Hz - 70 kHz - 3dB

             Maximum Output (@ Non-Clip)

             - 32目 load: 8.5 Vpp, 280mW RMS

             - 50目 load: 10.2 Vpp, 260mW RMS

             - 300目 load: 22.6 Vpp, 213mW RMS

             - 600目 load: 28.2 Vpp,166mW RMS

             Audio Grade Electrolytic 105足c Capacitors

             Alps Blue Velvet 40 detent potentiometer

             No White Noise

             Hum & Noise : Less than 0.1mV

             One 6N1P-EV  input stage tube

             Two 6N6P-I     output driver tubes

             One pair of CMC gold plate ( Pass Thru ) RCA output

             One pair of CMC gold plate RCA input

             卹"(6.5m/m) stereo headphone jack

             200% Heavy duty toroidal power transformer

             Power Consumption : 25 Watt

             Voltage: AC 117V 50/60Hz or AC 230V 50/60Hz

             Unpacked Dimension (mm): (H)120 x (W)170 x (D)300

             Shipping Weight: 6.7kg 


              The specifications of the product can be subject to change 

                   at any time without prior notice.


             Brochure (2.44MB)            Specifications          Landing page            Korean




                                         The Svetlana 3  offers manufacturer*s warranty of

                                                    ONE YEAR from the date of purchase.

                        The warranty is transferable to a second owner with no questions asked.

                         NOTE:   Do not attempt to open the chassis, HIGH VOLTAGES hazards.

                         The manufacturer is not liable for injury(s) incurred due to negligence.


                                  Shipment in 3-4 weeks by EMS or FedEx


                                    International price  $1199  ( U.S Dollars )

                                  ( free worldwide shipping include insurance)







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